Why What You Eat Matters Most

Hi there!

Nice to meet you, I’m Dan.

I’d like to talk to you about what we eat and how that impacts our health and well being. This, for me, began in June 2017 when I decided that enough was enough: I was obese, suffered from NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), I was pre-diabetic, had high triglycerides, and used a CPAP machine for my severe sleep apnea. I had just turned 41; maybe this was a late mid-life crisis, who knows. But I decided that I want my health back. I have been overweight or obese for most of my life and tried countless diets and bouts of vehement exercise. These never lasted, and I always found myself lapsing back into my old, bad habits and gaining the weight back with a vengeance. I found, like many other people out there, that the vast majority of diets and exercise plans are not sustainable in the long run.

This time, I decided, I would take a completely different approach. This time I would investigate and study the heck out of this conundrum. And so I embarked on a journey to find the best and most accurate scientific and clinical evidence as to what is the best way to eat. My underlying concern was the future: I wanted to have a future without disease and disability, one that would let me look after myself, my wife, my daughter and our two dogs. My loved ones needed me active and healthy, and that was the driving force behind this all. What I learned was truly life-changing. I learned – from some of the best physicians and scientists in the world – that I could not only lose weight but maintain superb health into a ripe old age if I only ate the right things. With so much confusion in this field and so many contradicting opinions, I was determined to follow the best science – and so I did.

The changes were quick and impressive. Within eight months I had lost 81 pounds (37 Kilos) and my life had changed completely. My blood work showed that my triglycerides and cholesterol dropped like a rock. My fatty liver disease was gone. I no longer needed the CPAP machine at nights as my sleep apnea drastically improved. My blood sugar was normal. I had never been this healthy in my entire life. People around me were shocked. Some asked me if I had done this with bariatric surgery. No, I said, I only changed what I eat.

Did I exercise profusely? No. I walked around the block a couple of times a week and did some mild weight lifting once or twice a week. The weight just kept coming off.

I understood that the modern world we live in has an abundance of food, most of which is extremely bad for our health. The problem is that the negative effect of eating the standard western diet is slow working, and doesn’t manifest itself in visible, tangible ways – for the most part. The weight creeps up on us, and our health slowly deteriorates. Little did I know that what we eat predicts – more than anything else – whether we will succumb to awful, excruciating chronic diseases like type two diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases.

Slowly the realization seeped in that I want, no, I have to do something about this. I must share this information, help people. Changing your diet may not be easy but the rewards, my friends, are enormous. People pay fortunes when severe or chronic illnesses strike in desperate attempts to save their failing health – when they could just change what they eat and let their bodies heal themselves.

I am not naive, and I know this is not a magic cure. But as far as I have seen, this is the closest thing to it. It’s the only scientifically proven way to reverse heart disease, cure type 2 diabetes and halt certain kinds of cancers in their tracks. Its effects are nothing short of astonishing, and everyone should know about this. I have resolved to make this my life’s mission, to help as many people as I can in losing weight, restoring their health and in the process, helping to save our world from the imminent environmental catastrophe which is looming, and helping to save scores of animals from needless suffering and death.

It is my hope that you join me on this journey, and I will do everything in my power to make this a meaningful and enjoyable trip.

I’m ecstatic to see you here. Stay tuned!

Dan Levtov

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