What's more important than your health?

Take A New Path To Health

Find out how you can lose weight, maximize your health and longevity, be stronger than ever and enjoy vibrant health.

All with a simple fork.

Why have you been struggling?

Even If You've Always Failed

This is so simple, yet so radical, it works, and it’s sustainable.

No Exercise Required

Exercise is healthy and recommended, but you can lose weight and get healthy without it.

Why What You Eat Matters Most

The key to the kingdom lies in every spoonful, every bite you take. Changing it changes everything.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Me


Certified And Constantly Learning

I am certified in Plant Based Nutrition by eCornell as well as Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution certification, and I am training to become a certified Naturopath. My passion is plant based nutrition, and I keep learning from the world’s foremost experts at every occasion possible.


I'm only here To Help YOU

My one and only goal is your health, your success and your longevity – Yes, this is a business, but profit is not its primary reason. I do need to make an honest living, but my passion is helping YOU achieve the best results possible. Had I been interested only in profit I would have stayed in the tech work space. This is my mission, my passion, my purpose. 


Affordable Pricing

Let’s make this work. You want to get better, feel better, lose weight, see a healthier you, get control of your health. I will do my utmost to make it available to everyone at an affordable price as possible. 

Change Seems Scary

This is Easy, Familiar, Comforting.

Let me guide you through this – read the free guide to understand the basic principles that will lead you to strong health and your ideal weight, maximizing your longevity and vitality as you get older. If you’re young, you’ll be pleased to know that this will give you an athletic advantage too.